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YqpY (Evgeniy Lozhkin) and BBQA (Anastasia Melnikova) are musicians from the Russian Federation, from the banks of the Volga from the Samara urban district, playing and focusing on such directions as Synthwave, Retrowave, Darkwave, Alternative, Darkpop, Rock, Electronic, Ghotic. The musicians began working together in 2021, it was then that their first track (song) called “At the Speed of Comets” was released. With their lyrics and music, YqpY and BBQA create a combination of genres that turns into an atmosphere of mystery and charm. It is also a journey through time and space, where nostalgic motifs of the past and futuristic sounds of the future are intertwined, turning into mesmerizing synthesizer melodies of Synthwave, shrouded in the mystical tones of Darkwave, in the dark beauty of Darkpop and alternative sounds. And of course Rock riffs.

Immerse yourself in a world of dark beauty, neon, rain and retrofuturism with the songs of YqpY and BBQA. Where darkness and light, past and future, reality and fantasy merge together. Become this bewitching world full of mysteries, retrofuturism, dark beauty and electronic magic.

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