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Alexander Vlasenko (MiMo) is a musician and songwriter in the Rap/Hip-Hop style. He began his creative journey in 2011, while still a student; at that time there was much more time, so festivals, recordings and new acquaintances brought their creative fruits and gave a little development in his musical path. Then everything was different in terms of promoting my creativity. But in 2013, after college, there came a big break in creativity. Due to the fact that my interests have changed a little and the daily routine has drawn me into work. This went on for 10 years, during which time I sometimes wrote verses for tracks that I never thought would ever appear online. And at the end of 2023, by chance, I got to the studio and stood up to the microphone, and realized that 10 years had passed in vain. After which, this flow of information in my head for new tracks does not leave me alone. This is a new breath, as a result of which life has changed the perception of the environment. I came to understand that music and rap energize me with life. At the moment I am not participating in any movements or festivals, but I make music that pleases the ears, soul and emotions of people. In my work, there is no specific direction, because the music that is born inside me cannot always be the same. In my performance you can listen to lyrical music and awesome catchy tracks that will lift your spirits. So feel free to follow the links, subscribe and enjoy good music:



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