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I, Rustamova Zhanna, pseudonym ASEMIN, I am 55 years old, live in Tver. Becoming a professional vocalist is my old dream. Once I wanted to open my own disco, where I could perform popular hits. Now, years later, I have reconsidered my goals, where I strive for greater horizons, as well as the performance of my own author’s repertoire. Just recently my first author’s track “Open the Doors” was released, written for me by Tver authors. I hope you like it and the song finds its audience!



Listen to me in the “I’m on Air” program, airing 09:50, 16:20, 20:05 on the radio station “Earth Plus”:



And join me on social networks:

VK https://vk.com/dobrovolskay_vijettver 

VK group https://vk.com/sunduchok_im  

VK musician card https://vk.com/artist/asemin