Raze Live

Raze Live
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Full information

"Raze Live" is an independent artist who hasn't achieved much success yet, but he has potential and is ready to explode!

Born on June 22, 2006, in the city of Pyatigorsk, Stavropol Territory (KMV).

I recently got used to music, literally in 2021, writes in all genres, tries and tests myself.

In 2020, “Raze Live” was able to attend one of the popular artist’s concerts, and he was also surrounded by musicians. He was inspired by their works, watched popular artists and decided to start working in this field.


Started working with music in 2021 in the "BandLab" application. A special mini studio for beginning artists. Thanks to this application, he accepted his voice as it is and stopped being shy.

The first track was officially released in 2021 and was written in a home studio. Also in 2021, the second track was recorded at the same studio.

At the moment, the artist works alone, writing on a phone application, but soon he will open his own personal studio and gather a powerful team.

He has a lot of demos, plans regarding music and various content, undoubtedly everything will be released and implemented!

Just wait, watch, support him, then he will definitely explode!


Listen to me in the “I’m on Air” program on the radio station “Earth Plus”:




And join me on social networks:

VK https://vk.com/razelive 

VK group https://vk.com/razelive22 

VK musician card https://vk.com/artist/razelive