Stolpovskikh Vasily

Stolpovskikh Vasily
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Dolenko Vasily Konstantinovich - Stolpovskikh Vasily.

Born on March 6, 2006, lived in a middle-class family, studied at a school for hooligans, began his creative journey there by writing poetry in 2020, gradually became interested in music, wrote his first track in 2021, but did not post it in the media, strived for his goal of becoming a well-known multi-genre performer, over time everything began to work out, having received a musician’s card, he began to develop his musician’s skills very much and gradually walked towards his success and desire to achieve his goal.

At the moment I am doing military service and writing music.



Listen to me in the “I’m on Air” program on the radio station “Earth Plus”:



And join me on social networks:

VK https://vk.com/stolpovskih18 

VK group https://vk.com/club221269132 

VK musician card https://vk.com/artist/stolpovskikhvasily