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Alexander Levin (KeyJey) is a unique songwriter in the style of Hip-Hop, Rap and Rock. Born January 21, 1998 Lives in Moscow. He began his creative journey at the age of 13 at a music school where his desire for music was completely discouraged. In the period from 14 to 19 years old, he was closely involved in sports, wrote poetry, after which he went to military service in the army. After the service, some life events occurred as a result of which Alexander plunged headlong into creativity. At the moment, Alexander is the current guitarist/backing vocalist of the musical group “Geezay”, and also writes his own works under the pseudonym “KeyJey”. He believes that it is stupid to adhere to a certain style because the music reflects the mood of the author, he hopes that his deep lyrics will help people cope with difficult life situations described in his songs and that his energetic flow will lift their spirits.



Listen to me in the “I’m on Air” program on the radio station “Earth Plus”:



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VK https://vk.com/theusernameofevil 

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