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BLACK (Alex Black) - author of electronic music, composer, musician, drummer. Born on February 27, 1988 in Moscow, Russia. Lives in Moscow.

The musical path began with a music school, orchestra and percussion department. During his student years, he began teaching drum lessons privately and later opened his own drum school.


Since 2006, he has taken part in the concert activities of many famous artists, rising author groups in various styles from pop to rock. But in 2010, many groups ceased to exist, this time coincided with the year of graduation from the institute. Alex delved into writing music, maintaining his own blogs on social networks, and recording various drum covers for the YouTube channel.


Alex's main achievement in drums at that time was an incredible groove with references to African-American gospel with all its unexpected accents. This rhythm became the basis for his unusual decisions in writing electronic music in the future. And working at rehearsal facilities in Moscow provided an opportunity to further deepen my understanding of the operation of various electronic devices, analog synthesizers and drum machines.


In 2016, the first attempts to write a solo electronic album were made. It was published only in 2018 and was not particularly popular, but made itself known.

Along with the release, Alex’s concert activity as a DJ began, one of the clubs was “Ruins” in the center of Moscow, as part of the “Equalizer” community with the creator of these parties, Konstantin


Since then, 2-3 releases have been released every year, each of them is a special picture that carries its own atmosphere, depth and sound, as the author claims. A special “density” of sound was achieved in the release “WORLD”, which was released in 2024 and is already gaining momentum in listening.


At the moment, Alex has started writing a new album, in which he plans to experiment with new sounds and samples. Some tracks are based on blanks that were made back in 2016. According to the author, “Each sketch was invented for a reason and has the right to life, another thing is that they are all understood in a new way and implemented with a new and modern approach.”

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