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My real name is Vladimir, I am 23 years old and I write music in the synthwave genre and simply live through creativity.

A year ago, I couldn’t even imagine that I would write music and be so passionate about it. Long before I started, I was closely connected with music, as I have been dancing in a pop group for 6 years. I think if it weren’t for dancing, I wouldn’t be writing this interview now.

Each of us has been familiar with music since childhood, or more precisely, from the moment when we first begin to distinguish sounds. Thus, over time, each of us develops our own special musical taste, which is formed from various factors that we encounter throughout our lives. Thus, my tastes turned out to be quite diverse: from Scandinavian folk to electronic music, where the nature of these genres is completely different. I can confidently say that I listen to everything. There is not a single genre of music that is not on my playlist.

Lately I've been attracted to music without words, especially instrumental music. She is able to immerse you in any emotion without even saying a word to you. You just have to listen and feel it. Personalities such as Hans Zimmer or Ludovico Einaudi can be proof of this. Perhaps someone will understand me, but someone will not, everyone has their own opinion.

And as it turns out, it was only a matter of time before I touched the creation myself, and could make sure that other people heard it too. As I wrote at the beginning, I live by creativity, and for me it is the opportunity to create something that can be heard or seen and enjoyed, to create over this process and result. To create from the fact that you have created something, to convey your emotions and experiences to another person, to convey what may remain after you, is like planting a tree, building a house and raising children. This is what creativity means to me, which can be like an explosion, and in turn can be like something eternal. This feeling really makes me happy and I feel that true peace.

For me, synthwave was a discovery – it’s quite interesting. With its atmosphere, it sends you to a place that has never existed and where you have never been. This truly unusual feeling is nostalgia for something that never existed.

But who knows what will happen next. Now it’s synthwave, but maybe in a year there will be something else. In our diverse world, everything is relative.

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