Igor Sabetsky

Igor Sabetsky
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Igor Sabetsky is a musician, author and performer of his own songs, born in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk (Eastern Kazakhstan) in 1993. He completed his master's degree at SSUGiT in Novosibirsk in 2017. At the age of 26, he became a citizen of the Russian Federation and moved to Surgut. As a child, he was involved in dancing and basketball. Without taking off my headphones, I always dreamed of taking my place in music. In high school I started writing texts instead of homework. The first recorded demos were made at home using a regular microphone in 2010, and later there were studio recordings that never saw the light of day. In November 2015, he performed on the same stage with Moscow rapper ST in Barnaul. After going through styles for a long time, Igor finds himself, opens a new project and immediately gathers his first listeners.

Allown - rapper, lyricist. The first solo singles “Together” and “Minor” were liked by many.

Allown's music is lyrics with rhyming lyrics and interesting ideas to convey to listeners a common theme in a non-standard version, thinking through simple moments to the depth and detail.

Instead of the boring: “Autumn is knocking on the window, and I’m sitting relaxed in an empty apartment,” he interprets this as:

“Autumn paints red and yellow again on the glass

I slept in languor in unison against the backdrop of bare walls.”

Quote from the song “Together”

At the beginning of 2022, Allown released a solo mini-album “Aventador” on the music label “Moonlight Label” (current name “Universe Music Russia”), which received more than 28 thousand plays. Next, Allown releases a snippet for the solo track “Girl Top”, which the Lithuanian producer “Innasounnd” draws attention to and makes a remix of this song, even before the premiere of the original version. The song enters the VK Music editorial playlist “Remixes” on the fourth line and gains 17 thousand plays, and subsequent joint singles with SUNRISE are included in the Yandex Music playlists “Russian rap: novices” and “Russian beat”.

Allown is currently writing a solo lyrical album, which he plans to release by the fall. Further plans include writing joint singles with different artists, filming videos for songs that are familiar to many, and giving solo concerts.

In the program “I'm on air” on the radio station “Earth Plus” https://eaplfm.com/slushat-radio/313-mix-potok.html 

Allown's works can be found in the official VK community: https://vk.com/allown_rap 

And also in the musician’s VK card: https://vk.com/artist/allown 

Igor's official page: https://vk.com/allown__rap 

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn-mUK-5fcdFLk12s8BumRw