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Hello, tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

Stas: — I’m 39, most of my life I’ve been exploring everything possible through travel, paragliding, design and everything else.

For a long time I had my own advertising business and printing house. Now my internal vector is directed towards music.

Katya: - I am a practicing psychologist, mainly engaged in psychotherapy and teaching, I conduct all sorts of laboratories and classes, including voice classes, record a professional podcast, organize music and dance jams and parties in the family Art-Khutor “Zatrimorye”. I am 41, I live in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok.

How did you come to make music, what pushed you?

Stas: — Ever since university I was interested in the guitar, I played, sang and wrote poetry, mostly on the table. For many years I accumulated material and the need to make music grew. The catalyst was a meeting with my old friend Katya a year ago. We realized that now we have enough opportunities to start making music, everything has come together in time and space. There was time, musicians, a studio.

Katya: My story is similar. I studied music as a teenager, sang in a vocal studio, performed as a soloist and performed, tried playing piano and guitar, and wrote songs. Then I gave up music for about 20 years. And last summer Stas and I met and realized that it was time, everything was ready for us to start playing together. The desire was and remains strong, so everything works out.

What would you like to change and why?

We both would like to make music more professionally, we are gradually improving our musical skills.

What difficulties have you encountered in your creativity?

Basically, everything happens very easily and fun. Difficulties arise where we lack professionalism. We use some solutions that the musicians suggest to us, in general it turns out to be a cool creative process, cool collaborations.

Have you ever had a creative crisis, and if so, how did you deal with it?

We had a creative crisis before we started. They still couldn’t get started. It was necessary to mature and meet each other as musicians. And now that this has happened, things are going on without any crises.

What inspires you most and drives you to create music?

Stas: — I am inspired when I see how an idea becomes material. It can be understood and heard. The process itself. It’s a special pleasure when the music works and it turns out that not only me, but others also like it.

Katya: — I am wildly inspired when a creative flow breaks out between people. When everyone turns on and the miracle of ideas materialization happens right before our eyes. When we create something together and it’s important and joyful for everyone, when everyone hears everyone, or we all hear something together... I don’t know, it’s some kind of magic. What are the most common mistakes musicians make in your opinion?

It's difficult for us to talk about others. Everyone does what they can. Based on our experience, it was a mistake to wait so long and put it off until later. Although... everything had to ripen, grow, so everything is fine as is.

Which city is the best to develop in?

Stas: — The one that inspires you, in which you experience a state of happiness. For me, this is my hometown, there are like-minded people and helpers here. I haven't tried it in other places yet.

Katya: — It’s better for me to develop where I found people with whom I can create together. Now this is Barnaul, I go there 1-2 times a month. The studio where we record has both metropolitan cool and provincial accessibility, openness, and comfort. Perhaps in the future I will meet my people in other cities and countries, new musical collaborations will appear, and I will decide that it is better for me to develop in another city. Now I'm happy with what I have.

What do you use to promote your music?

Almost nothing. We have a VK group, and right now we are recording this interview for promotion. Friends and acquaintances listen to us. Katya uses music in her training.

At this time

This is enough for us now.

What is special about your lyrics and songs in general?

Stas: — I would call our music non-standard. We are not aimed at a wide audience or at developing popularity. Rather, we process our experience through music; our songs have different layers of meaning through which we convey our ideas to those who are interested in it.

Katya: — We mix genres, styles and symbolic layers in our tracks in a very unusual way. We create a complex, almost geometrically verified sound and text canvas, in which you can hear many details, nuances and shades.

I like complex, beautiful and unformatted things.

Our tracks are like this.

Do you have any other hobbies besides music?

Stas: — I have been involved in paragliding for many years, both as an athlete and as an instructor. I am interested in diving, photography, traveling - these are serious hobbies, there are a lot of other things.

Katya: — I am interested in the dance practice of contact improvisation

ations, travel, sailing, love freediving, diving in icy water, running, writing lyrics and songs.

What is your main income?

Stas: — Design and paragliding.

Katya: — Psychotherapy (private and group).

What was the most valuable thing they told you that made you think?

As Kurt Vonnegut said at his university graduation: Wear sunscreen. The rest is in question. There is no such thought that would sink into the soul and be remembered. Many awarenesses and discoveries are simply woven into the semantic field and are difficult to isolate.

How do you cope with negative stress?

Stas: — What is a negative load? Something that causes stress?

Nature, walks, hikes, flights, active exercise, music.

Katya: — Somatic practices, meditation, parties and generally warm communication, forest, water, movement, music.

What advice do you give to aspiring musicians?

Stas: — Don’t stop moving forward, trying, experimenting. Don't stop, don't give up, keep looking for something. From beginning musicians to continuing musicians.

Katya: — Listen to yourself honestly and very carefully, do not settle for what is unnecessary and alien.

Look for yours. Your voice, your people. Endless learning about music, communication and creativity.

If something goes wrong, don’t get stuck in these places, just continue, keeping in front of you the image of what you want.


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