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Anna Cam
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Anna Kam (real name - Anna Kameneva): “If some ability is given above, it must be shared”

Last spring, the world heard a new anthem on Lake Baikal with piercing lines and a soothing chorus. It was written by Anna Kameneva and performed together with People's Artist of Buryatia Badma-Khanda Ayusheeva. Six months later, the singer announced herself under the pseudonym Anna Cam.

We talked with Anna. She is a multifaceted woman with two higher educations and a business background, a director, documentary producer, soundtrack author, composer and singer.

– You took the music after the release of your documentary “Women and Roads. The path to yourself. Baikal". Are you inspired by a road trip?

Yes, you can say that I was inspired by the journey and the theme of our project “The Path to Yourself”. I have been making music since childhood, but it was Baikal that became the starting point when I realized that I had to share my creativity.

– Have you studied vocals before? Tell us about your experience.

Since childhood, I loved to sing and dance to various hits. My parents developed good taste. I loved Elton John, Sting, Michael Jackson, Queen, The Beatles, Modern Talking.


In high school I studied opera singing and performed, but that was not my thing. I didn't see myself in this direction. I liked pet pop better. I also played the piano as a child and practiced for many years, but to be honest, it was more because I had to. During her student years, she sang in Spanish and performed in the style of Carmen.

Then I started composing songs and even started recording a disc, but I didn’t feel confident, I didn’t see that this was my path. And then life started spinning: second higher education, business, work, family, children.

I am sure that if the ability to make music is given, it should be shared. I didn't, and inspiration struck. For 10 years I couldn’t write anything, even though I thought.

– When did you start writing again?

When my daughter was about to go to school, I realized that there were no modern, spiritual songs for first-graders. I tried to write it myself and the song “First Class” was born. My daughter performed and recorded it. We sent the track to Children's Radio and got into rotation without connections or money. It began to spread on social networks. I saw how parents put their first-graders from the other side of the country to our track. It was incredibly pleasant and encouraged me not to stop. At the suggestion of my friend Kristina Kretova, I wrote a second song for her children’s book. This was our first joint project.


Then we went to see Ice of Baikal, even before filming our film. And then it was as if an inspiration came. The song “Poldu Baikal” came, an adult women's song. (By the way, the melody of the track also sounds in our film). And before going to filming in August 2021, I came up with the soundtrack “Baikal”, the track was then recorded with Badma-Khanda Ayusheeva, the Golden Voice of Buryatia. So, gradual inspiration returned to me.


“Baikal” became popular and spread to different venues. Will there be more such anthems in our country and unique nature?


Yes, I made several soundtracks for our films “Women and Roads. The path to yourself": about Ladoga, there are also about other countries, for example, about Uzbekistan in English and about Bukhara.

I would like to write more songs about Russia and different parts of the world. I think that everything is ahead.

– A year ago you announced the appearance of Annie Cam. How was the pseudonym born? Why did you change the format of dance music about love?

After the release of “Baikal” I turned to consulting specialists. They asked: “Why don’t you want to become a singer?” And I thought: “Effective, why?” Then I realized that I needed to share my creativity.

I chose the dance format according to my feelings. I myself adore dancing and consider myself naturally in this genre. Cool, catchy tracks invigorate me in any state better than coffee.


We found some guys with whom we started working.

   The nickname happened by accident. The owner of the studio created a chat and called it “Anna Cam” in my opinion on social networks, where I am Annacam, Kam is short for Kamenev. And I thought it was a cool nickname. I recently learned that in young Yakut Kam it is “time”, a fundamental Drive and a philosophical category associated with changes in the state of the universe, duration.

All film soundtracks were created under my real name.


– You write the lyrics for all the songs yourself. How does the process work?


Words and music come randomly from some strong emotions, triggers, memories. Phrases or even a whole verse with a chorus appear in your head. I can immediately imagine how it will sound. I record it on a tape recorder and then finish it up. Sometimes I finalize some formulations with the guys in the studio.


The creative flow has opened up and is now constantly generating something new. We are not ready to write everything down.



– Share your plans. When can we expect the next release? Are you planning to release an album or a new video?


The seventh release “Flying Again” was released quite recently, at the end of September. Two more are almost ready, I also plan to release them in the fall. We write down the next ones, and this is an endless process. In winter I want

release the album and do a concert.


I plan to sing in English, right now I’m in the process of recording.


I would like to make several clips. We will edit one from footage from the filming of the film “About Ladoga,” which is already touring international film festivals.


By the way, recently with the artist Galina Linnik they gave 2 NFT firmwares. I plan to continue in this direction Web3.



In the program “I'm on air” on the radio station “Earth Plus” https://eaplfm.com/slushat-radio/313-mix-potok.html


You can listen to https://band.link/yM62g