Sasha Nordic

Sasha Nordic
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Sasha Nordic: "I hated the music"


The work of Sasha Nordic is a fragile female lyrics, where the heroine appears before us as fragile and strong at the same time.

And all the time, two opposites fight inside her in philosophical texts and reflections.


We learned about the creative biography of the singer and now we are sharing with you:


I have been involved in music since an unconscious age: already at the age of 5 my grandmother, a piano teacher, taught me to play. And my grandfather, the director of a music school, composed a "garden opera" with me at the dacha and played "guess the melody".


Being brought up in a strict musical dynasty, I have always set myself a very high standard in music. It seemed to me that I, as the only child of a musical dynasty in three generations, should either be the best or not at all. And in the piano, it wasn’t very successful to be the best - you need a lot of perseverance there. I liked to pick up Zemfira on the keys, compose and remake songs - I always did this with pleasure.


Faced with a tough conservatory teacher, I completely lost motivation to study classically, and decided that if I didn’t want to become a piano teacher anyway, then why should I be a musician?


And at the age of 15, I announced to all my relatives that I was leaving music. That I'm tired of all this, and in general, I want to be a programmer.


I returned to music only at 28: no, of course, music was always with me, in the company of friends I was always either with a guitar or behind the keys, and I always sang. But I didn’t take it as something serious, for me it was a common thing to pick up something on the go. And besides my friends, it seemed to me that no one was particularly interested in listening to me.


But the stage has always attracted me, and in 2016 I began to give concerts as part of an acoustic duet in small coffee houses, then a large loud group appeared, and performances at various venues with covers of Zemfira, and then with my own songs.


The first release was officially released in November 2022, at the same time my first solo album took place in Moscow, which I organized on my own.

In the program "I'm on the air" on the radio station "Earth Plus" https://eaplfm.com/slushat-radio/313-mix-potok.html 

By the way, the video from this solo concert can be seen in my group https://vk.com/sasha.nordic