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Full information
Ekaterina Korol and Olga Korol
TV presenter, singer, actress.
Date of Birth
October 12, 1986
KATYA & VOLGA is a rapidly growing Russian vocal duo consisting of twin sisters Katya and Volga Korol. The popularity of the singers is due not only to excellent voices, but also to their spectacular appearance, as well as the experience of filming in films and on television.
Childhood and youth
Katya and Volga were born on October 12, 1986 in Minsk. At birth, the girls weighed 2.2 and 2.1 kg. Now the height of each of the sisters is 182 cm. The parents named the girls Katya and Olga, but for the stage career, one of the natives of the Belarusian capital slightly adjusted the name.

In childhood and adolescence, the twins studied at a music school with teachers Oleg Alexandrovich Veremeychik and Galina Vasilievna Maleeva: Katya mastered playing the balalaika, and Volga - the domra. The girl’s instrumental skills were subsequently demonstrated in the Evening Urgant program, and they performed a “nominal” composition - Mark Fradkin’s melody for the song “The Volga River Flows”.

Even at a tender age, the sisters dreamed of a career as an artist. But the father, who held the post of chief engineer of one of the Minsk factories, insisted that his daughters receive a serious education. As a result, Katya and Volga studied at the Belarusian State Technological University.

Even during the years of study at the university, a couple of times a month, the daughters of an engineer left the Belarusian capital for the Russian capital for the weekend, where they worked as models. After completing their higher education, the sisters moved to Moscow and worked for a short time as junior engineers in a construction company that was engaged in the modernization of the airport in Kamchatka. Then Katya and Volga worked as assistants to a major Moscow businessman, combining office work with performances in Comedy Woman. When the natives of Minsk began to cooperate with Ivan Urgant and his personalized evening show, there were fewer two “office ladies” in the Russian capital.

In 2010, the Korol sisters won the Miss World title among twin girls from Russia, Europe and the CIS. In the same year, the twins made their debut on the screen: the girls starred in Marius Weisberg's fantasy dramedy Love in the Big City - 2, reincarnated as the wife and sister-in-law of Leonid Yarmolnik's character. Leonid Isaakovich himself created in the film the image of the father of one of the central characters - Igor Zelensky, played by the future president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

Alexander Revva, the future partner of Katya and Volga in the film “Mixed Feelings”, recommended the debut picture of the native of Minsk, where the girls reincarnated as stewardesses. Another high-profile film project involving twins is Arman Gevorgyan's comedy Unreal Love. In 2020, the comedy adventure film “Look at me” was released, in which the sisters played the companions of Baba Yaga.

A year after the start of cooperation with the Ivan Urgant program, Katya and Volga, together with the Sweater Boys group, participated in the national selection of the Republic of Belarus for Eurovision 2014. However, in the end, at the European song review in the year of the Sochi Olympics, the country was represented by TEO (Yuri Vashchuk). Then the twins were included in the Baba Yaga art project, where they portrayed the granddaughters of the forest sorceress. It was in this capacity that the blondes participated in the 2018 Golden Gramophone prize ceremony, where, together with the laureate Nikolai Baskov, they performed the song “My King”.

In 2019 and 2020, the Korol sisters were part of the Russian trio Queens (the third member was Zlata Gerchikova, who replaced Christina Katz-Gotlieb). In 2020, the twins again tried their hand at the selection of Belarus for Eurovision, however, again unsuccessfully, and the next year they restarted their musical career, calling their duet KATYA & VOLGA.

Personal life
Usually to the question: "Are you free?" the sisters laugh it off: “We are from Belarus.” The duo's Instagram account is filled with photos of Katya and Volga performing. But in 2014, the girls opened the veil over their personal lives to the Novye Vedomosti publication. As it turned out, the ideal man for both twins is Mikhail Prokhorov, a tall, intelligent man with a great sense of humor and, by a pleasant coincidence, very rich.

In 2011, Volga had an affair with a Russian oligarch. After two months of persistent courtship, the girl gave up and began to live with a businessman who promised to marry. But, when the Volga left for Minsk on business, the man on the very first evening of separation arranged a party on his yacht with other beauties. Returning, the King broke off relations with an unfaithful boyfriend.

In June 2021, natives of Minsk performed at the Heat festival in the Crocus City Hall concert hall, owned by entrepreneur Araz Agalarov, and also took part in the International Educational Forum of Leonid Agutin, held in Sochi. In August, sisters with a royal surname became the heroines of the plot of the NTV channel, and in September, the PRO-news program on the Muz-TV channel told about the filming of Katya and Volga in the video for the track “Sad” by Yegor Creed and Soda Luv. Also in the first autumn month, the girls became the hosts of the Best of New program on the Music Box Russia YouTube channel.

In November 2021, the Internet blew up the clip of the twins “Mira Noise”, in which Pavel Priluchny starred. Rumors appeared in the press that the actor’s romance with one of the King’s sisters, namely the Volga, was not fiction, but a fact of the biography of the star of the series “Closed School” and “Major”. Also, the duet KATYA & VOLGA presented a video for the song "Don't Kiss".
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