Very soon Dj Meros will delight its listeners

Very soon Dj Meros will delight its listeners
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Full information
The general concept of the tracks is also kept secret, 25 of them are expected in total. The album will delight listeners with cooperative tracks. Dj Meros has recorded tracks with Dj 777, Dj Selsi, Gost, Kemi and ROYALTY. We did not forget about the visual part of the album - its cover, so we asked the DJ a direct question - "Who will be on the cover?" The musician explained that there will be several covers (since the album itself is divided into several parts) + one common title cover is expected. It will be available on all music venues worldwide.
The album was recorded for 8 months. Work began in April 2019. The first track was recorded together with rapper Gost. In the days that followed, the DJ decides that this album should delight the listeners with his varied sound. To meet this goal, collaborations with the aforementioned musicians were recorded. The whole concept of the tracks is not known, but the theme of some of them will be as follows - travel, love, cities, relaxation and tranquility.
The DJ himself has high expectations for this album:
- I look forward to the "wow" effect. The listeners should definitely like many of the tracks from the album! Also, I hope for its subsequent popularity, as it sounds very fresh and relevant. A lot of work has been done, so I'm looking forward to seeing it out!
Very soon Dj Meros will delight its listeners