Alexey Fomin: "I express my emotions in music"

Alexey Fomin: "I express my emotions in music"
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Alexey Fomin is a famous Russian musician, each composition of which has unique traits of joy, disappointment and sadness. Relatively recently, the artist gave an interview to the media. During the conversation, Alexey shared his life story regarding the choice of the composer's path.
Fomin claims that he has always strived to express his emotions by writing musical compositions. The musician created the first melodies on a simple synthesizer. However, the main pieces were released after the acquisition of professional instruments.

Alexey admits that composers of past centuries, who have earned great recognition, motivate him to engage in creative work. Among the best composers of our time, the musician singles out Mikael Tariverdiev, who is a laureate of the State Prize and gained fame for writing soundtracks for Soviet films.
During the interview, Fomin shared his own musical preferences. Fomin's most favorite compositions are Late Words and Secrets of the Universe. The composer believes that musical preferences are formed individually, so some listeners will find these works quite ordinary.

Alexey also commented on the prospects for sound production. "It is quite possible. I record my own music from scratch. Each composition goes through several stages, implying creation, improvement and final arrangement. Perhaps in the future I will be a sound producer - this is a matter of perspective. "
Today the composer is working on several musical projects at the same time. After the completion of the work, a mini-album will be released.

Alexey Fomin: "I express my emotions in music"