Night Dj interview

Night Dj interview
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On New Year's Eve, Dj Meros delighted his fans with the release of a new track called "Night Dj". On the cover of the track is the model Sofya Volkova. The girl is popular on Instagram and has a fairly large audience.

We asked Sofya some questions regarding her views on work, life and creativity. Let's see what came of it!

- Hello, Sophia! Our first question about your current occupation is: what are you doing now?

- Hello! At the moment I work as a model in the SLAVi ZAITSEVA fashion house. This is my main occupation. I am positive and creative! My life motto is "Develop and never stand still!" A year ago I opened my own model school for children “Beauty Kids”. Also, I want to note that I dance in "Todes" with Alla Dukhova, and, in my free time, I go in for equestrian sports.

- Has anything changed in your life recently?

- Actually, yes, a lot has changed in my life lately. For example, they began to recognize me on the street and asked to take a joint photo. Also, I increasingly began to appear on the pages, and, sometimes, even on the covers, of various magazines! Recently, I have been invited to big screenings and private events. To be honest, all the changes that have taken place lately cannot but please me. My career is steadily going uphill.

- Are you glad to appear on the cover of the track "Night Dj"?

- Certainly glad! I am very pleased that I have the opportunity to collaborate with such a wonderful and creative person as Dj Meros.

- Well, and the last question for today. What are your plans for the future?

- I prefer not to tell anyone about them. Thanks.

We express our deep gratitude to Sophia, and we wish her success in all endeavors!

Night Dj interview