flosten - Lapukhin Kirill Antonovich

flosten - Lapukhin Kirill Antonovich
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Full information
Date of birth - 02.06.2004
Hometown - Balashikha
Activity - Musician
Alias - flosten
Marital status: Not maried
Height - 179
Weight - 65
Social networks -
Vkontakte community - https://vk.com/flosten
VK page - https://vk.com/endo228
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/flosten.png/
Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/1dBBGYXjCKsdia2MuZgGVg

flosten - Lapukhin Kirill Antonovich

A boy was born on 02.06.2004 in the city of Dolgoprudny. The grandmother was mainly involved in the upbringing. As the performer says, childhood was difficult. He started living with his mother only in 2019.
Financial well-being was small, since he lived with his grandmother on a pension.

From early childhood, Kirill had a dream of becoming a media personality and for a long time he recorded videos on the YouTube site. Gradually he began to skip school and develop in a creative direction. Nobody supported and said that this was all nonsense, because you need to work, but Kirill believed in himself.

At the school, there were serious conflicts with teachers who repeatedly called Kirill to councils for prevention and various commissions on juvenile affairs. Constantly spread rot in front of the class and said that he would not achieve anything. Quite recently, Kirill bought himself a Mercedes convertible SLK and no one can understand where the boy got such money for a car, because his parents are not rich.

He got his first hype after the release of "Every Time", gaining a total of 40k plays from all the sites.

The performer has already had several solo concerts to which more than 100+ people came to listen to the performer live

He began his career in 2019. He gives himself completely to music and does what people really like. With each release, he works on the presentation and sound quality so that the listeners will be pleased to listen to the artist. At the moment he is actively working on the album.

Mom paid for his first trips to the studio and supported the boy in everything. At the moment, I finished only 9 classes and refused to go anywhere.